The Vampire Uprising saved the world but ravaged humanity. Families were separated, covens created, and the back-world forgotten forever. Except by women like me.

Born with a dhampir mutation, I’m neither human nor vampire. I’m the ultimate predator. If only I didn’t need a coven to survive.

After entering the Blood Life Territory in search of my next blood source, I now find myself enrolled in the Academy of Vampire Heirs, a training program for region leaders. That’s right. I’ve been forced into a place where vampires consider me just a donor...until my nature shows what I truly am when I kill one of the school’s most elite.

His four, wicked hot brothers want restitution for killing their leader and jeopardizing their status. They want to claim me as their coven’s personal blood source. But no one can claim me. What they don’t know is I’m about to claim them.



Being a personal blood donor at the Academy of Vampire Heirs sucks. But being a dhampir at the school for the impending city and region leaders for Blood Life Corp nearly guarantees my final donation—or worse, life in a cage.

Lucky for me, I managed to claim the academy’s hottest and most powerful vampire coven. With the King brothers, I’m their equal, their girl, and their future. If only that didn’t put a target on us.


As power shifts and rebels threaten the campus, I must learn the truth of my existence to fight off enemies from my past. If I fail, I’ll destroy the future power of the King Region. I’ll have no choice but to break the bond and the hearts of the vampires I care for. I’ll ruin everything. 



 A dhampir who can’t be tamed is of no use to least, that’s what the headmistress says.

With the threat of imprisonment hanging over me, breaking the rules might not be on my school schedule for the rest of the term. Unfortunately, the arrival of my vampire ancestors proves to test my ability to behave. They claim me as an heir, but I made a vow to Berkeley, Aspen, Torrance, and Hudson that I would be a part of the King Coven forever.

As I discover the truth about my heritage, I realize nothing is as it seems. I’ll do anything to find answers—even if it means making a deal with my enemies. If I don’t, the King Coven risks losing their position as region leaders. As for me, I’ll be screwed. Donors don’t just get expelled from the academy. They meet their final donations.

Blood Life Corp and the Academy of Vampire Heirs will learn I’ll do anything for the Kings. I’ll prove I’m not a donor. And I can’t be tamed.

No one can ever break our bond.